Centree works with hospitality groups around the world to streamline how they operate a hotel.

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Foundations Of Centree's success

  • Standardisation – There’s no point making a bad process electronic. Working with Centree you’ll streamline your processes, you’ll standardise proven efficiencies across all properties and all departments and then, and only then you’ll make electronic to ensure efficiencies are embedded in your everyday processes.
  • Financial sense – Processing financial information efficiently from multiple dispersed systems, departments and even locations not only improves your core operations but enhances the bottom line of any organisation.
  • Security – Financial, Personal, Operational information are the bedrock of any business. Securing paperwork, emails, electronic output from multiple 3rd party systems into one ISO accredited system makes perfect sense in todays highly sensitive environment, think Security, think CENTREE.
  • Property performance – The ability to monitor and manage core process completion across all departments is critical to any business in todays electronic age. Alerts if tasks aren’t completed, notifications if benchmarks are failed, trend analysis of past process completions with suggested actions are just a few of the smarts embedded in any CENTREE system.
  • Environment – Running a business in any sector brings its environmental challenges. printing, power usage, water consumption, inefficiencies wasting time are all contributors to every businesses carbon footprints. CENTREE will create time to be more efficient,  removing 90% of printing, printers and the copiers to accomplish these tasks. CENTREE will lower any businesses carbon footprint and in doing so we GUARANTEE to significantly reduce any related expenditure.
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Paperwork, Emails, Finance Output, PMS, Events, POS, key information from multiple systems available in one easy to use Centree System.

  • Automatic relationships between documents, saving time and money
  • Access on the go, mobile, tablet enabled, freeing time to run hotel operations
  • One system to access otherwise dispersed information, emails, paperwork, financial reports
  • ISO27001 Certified, to assist with PCI, GDPR, Compliance

Our Key Values


Saves Time & Money



Streamlines Operations



Reduces Your Carbon Footprint



5 Star Operational Excellence


Centralise Your Groups Financial Services.
IA, AR, AP into One Shared
Service Centre

ONE Income Auditor and AR Managing 3 properties

75% Automated Accounts Payable

Centralise Expertise, Standardise Practices


Bring ISO security to your sensitive business information.

ISO27001 Accredited Solution

Dedicated hosted environment per client

Your very own dedicated security professional

Our flagship successes throughout the world

We have innovated how hotels process information throughout the world. Our process technology, environmental savings and international security standards are at the heart of all our successes.

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Quality of service

A commitment to deliver high quality services are at the heart of everyday property life. With the stringent audit governance standards hospitality professionals need to abide by, standardised efficient systems are a must. Centree takes away much of the burden of administration, freeing your management professional to drive the property forward.

Centralisation for hospitality

With the unprecedented increase in hotels due to open in the forthcoming years a requirement to source skilled personnel to operate these properties is upon us. Utilise Centree technology to centralise important operational functions.

Mobile Working

Centree understands that many hotel professionals are operational people and are on the move most of the day servicing the hotel and keeping guests happy. Centree mobile technology is at the heart of all our systems, remote approvals, information updates, alerts, and trends. With no paper, printer, scanner or physical storage space required, make your hotel electronic and mobile.

Automating time Consuming tasks

Centree for Hospitality automates the collection and distribution of valuable data enabling hospitality professionals to focus on their core skills, being hospitable.

Centree’s heritage in hospitality

Centree for Hospitality is in constant use by over 30 Tier 1 hotels throughout Australia, US, Japan and Korea. Understanding the requirements of large hotel groups is the lifeblood of Centree, the opportunity is now here to utilise this wealth of knowledge and experience.


Compliance, Audit, OH&S, HACCP, PCI, the list is endless. Hospitality groups of all sizes need to comply with various regulations in various countries. Standardisation of all the above is critical in reducing risk to the hotel and group.

Our Innovators

We will work with you individually to tailor our solution to your very own requirements.